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Trackit offers a complete solution for your transit agency

Advantages of TrackitManager

TrackitManager makes your data searchable and transparent which helps you to work more efficiently.


All the data collected in Trackit Manager is searchable, which allows your organization to find and act on all the information you record. This knowledge allows you to utilize your resources and plan more efficiently.

Reduced Admin Time

A paperless system means less filing and more automated reporting with no need to input and compile data in a spreadsheet.


A centralized database give you the ability to see all your data in a single space. You’ll know what needs to be done across the organization and can track the action that is being taken to address any issues.

Not an IT Project

Trackit lives in the cloud which means there are no servers to purchase, no software to maintain, and most importantly, IT doesn’t need to deploy it. This frees you up to use Trackit without having to wait on IT. If you have an internet connection, you are ready to start using Trackit.


Data stored is securely stored and cannot be accessed without proper credentials. Your information is also completely backed up and safe from server crashes or other emergencies.

Easy to get Started

You can start out as focused or as broad as your organization needs. Trackit’s modules can work as stand-alone units or together as a single system.

See How the TrackitManager Search Feature Can Free Your Data


Choose the type of data you want to search for: training records, accidents, maintenance forms or many more.


Search by driver, form name, type of accident, type of training, or many other criteria.


Click search and all your data is at your fingertips


You can even control the date range you search in to ensure you only see the records you need.

Advantages of SaaS

Software as a Service (SaaS) means that you get the benefits of technology without the headaches of setup and maintenance. All you need is an internet connection to utilize the power of all your data in one place. Data can be accessed, analyzed, and reported, making the most of your resources.

Faster Install

No need to install or maintain software on your server. Once Trackit sets it up with your initial data, it’s ready for you to use.

Low Upfront Cost

There is a small setup fee but no other upfront costs that would preclude you from starting to use the service immediately.

Low Cost of Ownership

Utilizing SaaS allows us to provide a product that is constantly evolving to fit your needs. Instead of paying to own software that is out of date as soon as you purchase it, our service provides software that is constantly being updated.

In most cases the subscription fee will be much lower than the cost of annual maintenance on large purchased packages.

Better Service

You won’t have to call the IT department or submit ticket and wait a day or two for service. With Trackit, you call the experts directly and get support as soon as you need it.

No Hidden Costs

The cost you pay is the true cost. The price for our service is all inclusive, the server, backups and support, everything you need is taken care of with no hidden costs

Accessible Wherever Your Are

You can access Trackit from work, home, or anywhere you happen to be. Trackit doesn’t lock you into a particular location, but makes you free to work from anywhere.

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