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Training Management

The Trackit Manager Learning Management module allows users to electronically schedule classes, enroll students, and assess classroom learning. With one click, Trackit will enable you to print confirmations and assign credit to individuals for attending classes.

The Learning Management module is fully integrated with the Required Action List, which provides increased oversight of operators who require additional training because of accidents or returns from long-term disability leave. Individual operators are automatically assigned to the Required Action List using criteria defined by the customer’s agency; individuals can also be assigned to the Required Action List manually by managers. When the Required Action List requirements are met, individuals are automatically removed from the list by the Learning Management system.

Safety Management

The Trackit Manager Safety module allows transit agencies to electronically track each accident, incident, and other safety issues and establish a comprehensive record for risk analysis.

The Safety module is a data-driven system, which provides management with the information to make informed decisions concerning policies and costs for training, safety, and service. Safety-related data can be easily searched for trends that determine high risk, such as the locations of frequent accidents or incidents of unsafe operator behavior.

Since Trackit Manager is designed around the core skills and operator behaviors, which are the foundation of safe performance, the Trackit Manager approach is unique in its focus on changing behaviors of the only individuals within the organization who control safety—bus operators.

Building a Safety Culture

An organizational culture that emphasizes safety produces measurable results—including fewer accidents, lowered liability, and enhanced service image. Creating and sustaining a safety culture, however, involves more than displaying safety posters or distributing safety bulletins. Establishing safety as a priority – not merely an adjunct to other priorities – frequently requires a complete shift in organizational mindset.

Trackit Manager provides transit agencies with the means to present a comprehensive and unvarying organizational message about safety. Trackit Manager, which is designed around the core skills and operator behaviors that are the foundation of safe performance, allows instructors, supervisors, and management at every level to deliver identical safety messages and reinforce consistent expectations concerning safety to promote a culture of safety. 

Safety Compliance

Increasing workplace safety is another application of Trackit Manager. We provide a central location for all policies and safety-related data to help maintain a secure environment for all your personnel.

Document Management

Trackit Manager provides a digital, paperless system to manage personnel information. Trackit Manager can merge diverse personnel records that need to be documented and maintained—accidents, class attendance, license requirements, health records, etc.—into a single searchable system for comprehensive tracking and decision making.

All information concerning an individual, which an organization currently maintains in separate files and locations, can be integrated into the single Trackit system. Trackit Manager provides agencies with comprehensive employee profiles that can alert management to unsafe driving behaviors, compliance requirements, repeat offense alerts, and other agency-specific safety rating issues.

Process Management

To make positive changes in an organization, whether the goal is reducing accidents or better handling employee resources, a new process is usually developed. Yet how does an agency effectively monitor the results to make any necessary changes or report on encouraging results?

Trackit Manager allows you to do just that. With customized forms, reports and ease of access, our system provides oversight to each step of a process—smoothing implementation and progress.

Regulatory Compliance

Trackit Manager’s fully integrated system allows transit agencies to continually monitor their compliance status with state, federal, and local regulations. Trackit Manager alerts notify the appropriate personnel when updates or renewals are required and provide information regarding correct actions.

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