Don’t Manage By Accident

sign_10What do your accident reports look like? How long does it take to complete a report? Is all accident information in one place?

The Trackit Manager Accident Module is a complete online accident reporting solution. Use a Tablet to complete the accident reporting process, then upload the information into your Trackit Manager account. Our complete Trackit Accident App is transit specific and will:

  • Bring consistency to how accidents are reported
  • Allow for control over the work flow (who can see the accident and update or change information)
  • Raise the quality of accident forms
  • Let you attach photos, records sound and add diagrams to the record
  • Enable you to customize forms for your agency

The Accident Module is just one part of our Best of Class complete, paperless, Personnel Management System. If your agencies files aren’t online schedule a demo today and see how Trackit Manager brings ALL of your employee information into one quick to access, easy to find, online record.

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