Manage Your People Not Your Papers

trackit_ad_7_webHow many files do you have on each employee in how many different departments?

If you are still keeping your data in paper files or excel spread sheets, Trackit Manager is the solution for you! Our easy to use, cloud based software gives you instant access to ALL your employee information in one quick to access, easy to find, online record. No more comparing files, sorting through folders and wondering if you are seeing the whole picture. Trackit stores it ALL in each employees’ online record.

  • Accident reports
  • Attendance information
  • Needs assessments
  • Safety observations
  • Scheduling module
  • Training records
  • Vacation requests
  • And more

Use as little or as much of the Trackit system as fits your needs.

Our software as a service (Saas) solution can save you time, money and make your job easier!

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