Make Sure Your Accident Management is SMS Compliant with Trackit

Managing your agency’s accidents according to your SOPs is an essential part of SMS compliance and requires people all across your organization to work together. Trackit Manager’s Accident Management system enables supervisors to go out and record all the details of an accident on site using a handheld tablet and upload the details to a custom workflow tailored exactly to your agency’s accident review process, without any paper.

All the documentation, from the root cause analysis to the mandatory drug and alcohol form can be created, entered, and reported on within TrackitManager. Trackit’s Accident Management module also makes tying all the documentation necessary for an accident review easy. All of the pertinent forms and reports are tied together and can easily be searched. This makes demonstrating SMS compliance as simple as generating a report with a single click.

Since Trackit’s Accident Management system is completely customizable, Trackit takes your current accident process and digitizes it. Whether you want the accident workflow to go from supervisor to manager to safety to training, of any other combination, Trackit provides full auditing and chain of custody to ensure that SMS compliance can always be easily demonstrated.

Trackit Manager also automates the notification and workflow steps of your accident process. Trackit Manager sends emails, keeps a list of safety tasks to finish, and communicates requirements for the accident report to be accepted, so that no one is left out of the loop and you always know that you have full documentation for all accidents.

Handle your accidents in 70% of the time with Trackit Manager.

Trackit Manager’s Accident Management system is just one key to the many ways Trackit can help you with SMS compliance. To find out more, schedule a demo today.

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