Manage Your Assets for Easier SMS Compliance

Asset management is an essential part of SMS compliance under the Public Transit Agency Safety Plan (PTASP) Final Rule. Transit agencies are required to implement a Transit Asset Management (TAM) Plan and use the results of asset assessments to safety risk management and safety assurance activities. Trackit Manager’s Asset Management system offers your agency a comprehensive way to manage, grade, and track repairs on bus stops and other assets in your organization.

Supervisors, maintenance personnel, or other employees can easily conduct reviews of assets using tablet-based forms that record the condition, provide location coordinates, and even allow for photo, video, and audio recordings to establish the quality of the asset. Once an asset’s condition has been uploaded to Trackit Manager, where managers can generate reports, track problem assets, and assign repairs where needed.

Trackit Manager also automates repair requests and notifications, ensuring that anyone responsible for asset repair is made aware of outstanding issues. It also tracks outstanding repair requests, giving an easy to read snapshot of exactly what needs to be done, how long it’s been on the list, and who is responsible for it. You never need to worry about another scheduled repair falling through the cracks.

Trackit Manager can help you simplify your asset management strategy by five steps. This transit specific system provides the tools that transit agencies need for a completely paperless tracking and reporting process.

Trackit Manager’s Asset Management system is just one key to the many ways Trackit can help you with SMS compliance. To find out more, schedule a demo today.

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