Get Paperless Customer Service Feedback

While taking in customer service feedback is not an absolute requirement of SMS compliance, customer feedback has an important role to play in the overall safety of your transit agency, which is a key element of SMS compliance. Customer service feedback can range from compliments to complaints to serious safety concerns. Taking in customer feedback in an effective way is critical to a safe agency.

Trackit Manager provides the ability to record customer service feedback using a web-based form or handheld tablet for a totally paperless process. The feedback is recorded and managed using Trackit Manager, including all the notifications and automated workflows that Trackit Manager provides. Since Trackit handles the web-based form, it doesn’t turn into an IT project.

With Trackit Manager, you’ll never lose track of a customer complaint.

Trackit Manager’s Customer Service Feedback module is just one of the many ways Trackit can help you with SMS compliance. To find out more, schedule a demo today.

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