Paperless Hazard Tracking for Mandatory SMS Compliance

The new SMS requirements set a specific obligation around hazard tracking. Transit Agencies must keep a list of hazards they are aware of and keep track of how and when they remedy those hazards. There are many ways hazards can be reported, but the SMS requirements expect that regardless of how the hazard is found, that transit agencies have a demonstrable way of dealing with them.

Trackit Manager’s Hazard Tracking list keeps all this information in one place. Reports can be taken through mobile tablets or web based forms for an entirely paperless solution. The list can easily be sorted to see hazards based on severity, age, responsible party, and many other requirements so you always know exactly where your agency stands with all reported hazards.

Trackit Manager also makes reporting on hazards easy, swapping hours of finding reports, filling out paperwork, and digging through incomplete files for reports that generate in under a minute.

With Trackit Manager, your hazard tracking is automated, allowing you to avoid wasting time on unnecessary steps.

Trackit Manager’s Hazard Tracking list is just one of the many ways Trackit can help you with SMS compliance. To find out more, schedule a demo today.

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