Keep Your Entire Transit Agency in the Loop on Safety

At the core of the new SMS requirements is the expectation that everyone in your entire transit agency is involved in safety. Safety is no longer the responsibility of one individual or department; it is an agency wide focus. Trackit Manager’s Agency Wide Safety Notifications ensure that the correct people in your agency are notified about safety issues, follow-up actions, and necessary remediation. These agency wide notifications are completely paperless; no more sending inter office memos to let other departments know what is happening.

Whether it is an accident, an employee hazard report, customer feedback, or an asset that needs attention, Trackit Manager automatically notifies the pertinent stakeholders that action is required. They can log into Trackit Manager and review any information you have on the issue, including historical data, and can log once an issue has been addressed or even forward it on to the next responsible party in the process.

With Trackit Manager, you never have to worry about whether someone was copied on an email, or whether they remembered to address an item they were assigned. Everyone across your entire organization has a hand in safety with Trackit Manager.

Trackit Manager’s Agency Wide Safety Notifications are just one of the many ways Trackit can help you with SMS compliance. To find out more, schedule a demo today.

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